Monday, March 14, 2011

My Journal Shoppping!!

Well, I got to do a bit of shopping and I picked up a new treasure. As time goes bye you all will start to catch onto the fact that I am a bag lady. NO, not combing the streets bag lady. I just love to collect bags. I also love to travel so I guess maybe I just love to have the perfect bag to be on an adventure with. 

I have several items inside my bag. I guess you could say I almost have a Marry Poppins syndrome. You know where the scene in the movie where she pulls all the items out of her bag, right down to a lamp. My Southern Man just falls to pieces with laughter over my bag illness. For a brief time he tried to fight it. However several years now into our marriage he almost embraces it now and get's a chuckle in when I fall in love with a new bag. 

Maybe he see's how simply I can find pleasure.

So I bet you are all wondering what bag I got??

This photo comes from the
Here it is. I have seen these bags now for about 2 years. Last summer I started frantically looking for one. I just could not take it any longer I had to have one. So I looked high and low. Could not find it. I was too nervous to ask some one who had one where they got it. 

Well today I saw 2 more of them with in a 30 minute time span. I just could not take it anymore. So the next person I saw with one I stopped, I asked and she replied with a smile. However when she said the name she had such a heavy accent I could not understand her and she was so sweet I was to embarrassed to ask again.

Was this God's sign telling me I had too many bags already and I was nuts to fall in love with another??

Well about 10 minutes later another bag passed buy again, so I guess that is NOT what the big guy was saying:) 

So I got up the nerve one last time to ask this sweet lady who was the bag buy and please where did she get it. Poor Southern Man there we were in the most delightful pie shop enjoying ourselves on a date alone. And there goes is his crazy wife after another hand bag!!

Well this sweet lady who also had her bag stuffed to the brim because she had a toddler in toe, like I usually do. Laughed and said,"Oh it's a Longchamp, bag you are going to love it!! They come in a thousand colors!!". Before we were done chatting and laughing she also told me where to buy one. It just so happened that the lovely pie shop was right next store to the shop that had the bags!! WHAT FATE!! 

I look over at Southern Man, and he smiles and says," I have 2 more bites left of my pie and then we can go!" He just thinks I am cute, which he then said and I giggled and clapped. I could not believe after 2 years the moment had come to get my bag!!!

Let's look at it one more time

Isn't just wonderful. It is so deep and it very strong. And has a huge mouth and long handles. Of course a zipper too. I just can not wait to take it on a trip!!

Here is the website in case you want to take a peak!

Happy shopping,

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