Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Journal A field trip with the Lord in the Court Room

I have this dear friend Miss Patty and she likes to say I am a good Shepperd because I take my faith with me everywhere.

Today I was given an opportunity to send God's word into a court room filled with people and had there attention. Walking out of there after that experience I felt like I was walking on water. I had more strength then I had ever felt. My two year old who I had on hip, who usually wears me out with her extreme 99% on the growth charts felt lighter then air on my hip.

I showed forgiveness, love, and God's strong message to an alcoholic who hit my vehicle drunk a few months back.On a suspended licenses to begin with from alcohol abuse..

I had the Judge in aw, with my grace and compassion. It felt amazing. And so proud to testify in front of my children God's strength and forgiveness.

I got to show that broken alcoholic that they had more worth then what they had gotten themselves  into.

I pray that they ask God to be apart of their life and get past their disease.

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  1. That is brave and gracious of you. That is amazing that you had the opportunity to do that. So much strength.