Adventures with Animals-My Dog Children

I have 2 dog children. One who is I think almost 8 year
s old this year. Honestly I would have to look at her vet record to tell you, because she and I are like Ethel and Lucy.However her name is Lucie, even though she is Ethel in our relationship.We are two peas in a pod, or she is my mini shadow. She has sat on my stomach and kept my two babies warm that I grew in there. She has slept with my older two babies when they were scared or sick. She welcomes my Southern Man home from a long week of travel, trying to show me up as always!! I don't know what I would do with out her. And after all that she helped to train our newest addition last winter. She is my Lucie Lu and I don't know what life will be like some day with out her. 

Lady-P to you, Mama's Baby to me, or PRESLEY!!-to my 5 year old who SHOUTS her name all day long....hmh, I am still not sure why he does that.

She is our newest addition. Our almost soon to be 12 year old young lady commented today, that she is the world's second greatest dog to our Lucie. Lady P is almost 2 and a piece to our families puzzle. She brought something we all needed joy and adventure. She wakes up every morning with her heels to the fast lane, zipping around our home. She is always on an adventure with our 2 year old and testing the patients of our 5 year old. She wrestles with the 14 year old and cuddles with the soon to be 12 year old. She is quick to be on the scene when some one needs a kiss. Loves to answer the door and make a guest feel welcome.
 She is the best "Nana" from Peter Pan, a family could ask for. I could go on for days about her. But the bottom line is, she came from an amazing blood line. We did not get her from just any old breeder she came from a place where animals are treated like true family members. This academy is a very special place, I would even call them our friends. They are quick to lend a hand, and a place our Lady P fondly loves to go back and visits. Her and I are still training with them. And I hope will be for years to come. Having one of their dogs is a life style filled with joy, love and hard work. The hard work is worth every second because the reward in the end is 10 times then the work that got put into it.