Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Journal a box

Look What came for me today!!

a box. What is inside the box?

another box, he,he,he
Some of you might know what this box stands for. 

Here they are!! My very first pair of Western Boots!! I am over the moon about them!

They fit like a glove!! The reviews were right, they feel broken in. I can not wait to take them out for a spin with a jean skirt. Not to mention for a ride on a horse. I got a lovely invite to ride at a local farm and I can not wait to go!! 

I am hoping this move brings a horse in our future!!

Well I am going to take these cute boots out for an adventure! I will keep you all updated on where these boots take me!

"These boots were made for walk'n and that's just what I'll do"


  1. Cute! I have a pair of boots too. [purple on top] and I sing the same song! lol