Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home Schooling Preparing for St. Patricks Day!

I love to decorate our learning space and home with seasonal decorations. My Southern Man say's that I am whimsical and magical with this touch I have.

Here is one of our St. Patrick Day friends. My son made this in pre-school last year. I hung him from the chandelier.

This beautiful cross is in our home daily. However it does represent our Irish heritage. Southern Man bought this for me on our trip to Rock Port,MA this past summer at a very special shop I will bog about another time. One sentence would not do it Justis.

I hit the dollar store to buy a few items this year. I did not want to go over board, however if you were one of my family members or close friends you would argue that I do not know the meaning of not going all out!

So I got those new cool window and mirror decals that I added to the bathroom mirror. Then my Aunt Cat got me those new cute jellies for the windows from our local Christmas tree shop, love that gal she is fun. Then of course we had to have Irish themed pencils for our home school work.

This big fella is my newest lucky charm!! I grabbed him at Jo-Anne Fabrics and I just adore him!! And he has brought me some luck!

Then of course I had to have a pot of gold on our home message board. Yes, thank you that is the work of this artist's hand.

What St, Patty's Day decorations do you have going on in your learning space??

Irish Blessings,

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