Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home Schooling Spring Craft Chicks in the Grass

this photo came from wallcoo.net

 Supply List Spring Chicks in the Grass Craft
1 large glue stick
1 bag of soft small feathers with out the stems
  Jo Anne's, Michales, Dollar General all sell these
1 large white sheet of paper
2 green crayons 1 orange crayon
1 black sharpie

First Draw the grass on your white sheet of paper. From the bottom of the paper about a third of the way up, with the green crayons by making lines. I made a mark on the page to show my 5 year old where to stop . This is also good practice for writing. 

After you have the grass in, now you can start to add the chicks. 

Now start to glue the feathers about half way up the grass.

Now use the sharpie to draw legs a beak and eyes. You can make them out to be anything you want. Here are ours. This is the 2 year old's page. 

Now add the sun. 
Here are is the one my five year old made. He did such a wonderful job. 

We made these this morning. We had a wonderful time and both ages groups were able to share this craft smoothly.
Write me and tell me how your Spring Chicks in the grass Craft turned out!

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  1. A very cute idea. We are incubating eggs! They are due to hatch March 9th. [see my homeschool blog] We may have to do this craft to go with it. Thanks for posting on the homeschool list, that's how I found you. :)