Thursday, March 24, 2011

Home Schooling Scholastic Dollar Day's Sale

Hi There Home Learners!

There are a few places I am learning to shop and find some deals for our home school room. Scholastic has become one of them!! This week until March 31st, 2011(just in case you loose a year) Scholastic is having it's Dollar Day's Sale!!

this is from the scholastic web page.
No friends Scholastic is in NO WAY paying me to say this. They are unware that my small blog is promoting this wonderful sale!!
I just thought out of the goodness of comrodery I would share this with all of you. That is right$1 per book. They had a good selection. I gave myself a $ 30 limit and it went far!! I was impressed!! And I ended up with 28 books!! 

I am sure they will run this sale again. If you are unaware of Scholastic I am going to share their link. And also tell you I have signed up for their printables and mini-books as filler's for our lessons. I am loving the site and is very user friendly.

Now, you want to look for the teachers store for the book sale. I signed up as a teacher as my school I listed home school. 

I hope this can benifit your learning enviroment in some way. 

Happy Shopping,

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