Monday, March 28, 2011

Creative Corner This week's floral arrangement and more

Spring is on it's way. That is what I keep telling myself even though I saw snow in my back yard yesterday morning when I let the dogs out. 

To help my family not loose hope that spring is here by calendar and to keep their hearts a bit sweeter I filled up a Montana jar with some spring colors and delightful yummys for their sweet teeth. 

The jar was filled last week. This is what happens when our family gathers in the kitchen for conversation.

This week, I think I was channeling memories from my wedding to my sweet Southern Man. The floral arrangement for my dinning table symbolizes my wedding boutique in so many ways.

I just find this breath taking.
No, I don't think I would think of red as a typical spring color unless I was about to celebrate memorial day. 
However these breath taking flowers caught my eye in the Giant Floral section. 
I used a short, over sized circular vase.
Two large bunches of large headed carnations. 

I hope this has inspired you to add a little spring hope in your home!

Check back next week to see what is in my creative corner!


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