Friday, March 4, 2011

Home Schooling Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss !

My children and I look for every chance we can get to celebrate or have a fun theme week! This week we were blessed to get to celebrate one of children greatest contributor's Dr. Susses. What a celebration we had.

We kicked off the week with a reading of the traditional,
My 5 year old had heard this story before, however I think it went over his head. This time he caught on to the pattern in the book. Of course his Mommy reads with great dramatic inflection so it makes it all the more interesting. Many giggles were shared during the reading this time. 

Then we decided that we needed to move onto a hands on activity. Of course that usually involves scissors and glue, hehehe!

I know you love him already and want to give him a big hug!! This one is mine. I like to make a sample for my children. They are still just learning about their creativity so I think a model helps. It also provides a direction to move in. Young children like direction. Plus I won't lie I still like to cut and paste. hehehe!

supply list per Dr. Seuss face
1. piece of large white construction paper
2. 1 piece of regular sized red construction paper
3. 1 piece of black construction paper or a small piece from a scarp box
4. 1 glue stick and 1 bottle of Elmers glue
5. 1 pair of large googley eyes
6. 2 black pipe cleaners
7.pencil for tracing and scissors for cutting
8.1 small size snack bag to make independent face decoration bag.

This craft was also incredibly easy to modify for both ages groups of pre-school ( age 2 1/2) and Kindergarten (age 5).

I made each child a little snack bag size of supplies they will need to decorate the Dr. Seuss face. This provide 1. Organization with me for the 2 and 1/2 year old. 2. Independence for the 5 year old who could move at his own pace, with little instruction from Mommy.

First we traced out the figure. I used double size drawing paper. The heavier stuff like construction paper sense there would be weight on the top of it. You could also use poster board or oak tag. I traced for the 2 and 1/2 year old and the 5 year old was able to trace for himself.

Then came one of the best part's cutting it out. Again you can see more independence from the 5 year old.

He did a great job. I am just so proud of him. Next we moved on too, adding the color in.

Now we free handed making the bow-tie by making 2 hearts and connecting them. On that same piece of paper we also made the stripes of the hat. 
You can see where he traced the hat part of the figure onto the red paper and then connected the line free hand. Then he just knew to start cutting it out on his own. I love independence!!

This is what the hat looked like after we added the stripes to it.

Next came the bow-tie. We used the glue stick for these tasks.

Next with the glue stick he added the black knot to the bow-tie and decorated the face. He knew all on his own to use the glue for the whiskers. Which I thought showed great inference on his part. Another independent skill I am very proud of.

And there is the young man's finished product. I am just beaming with pride on his hard work. Of course this work is showed cased on our frig right now. That is where are all the show stoppers go!

Of course more Dr. Seuss stories. Southern Man surprised the children with another book to add to their Dr.Seuss library. We also made a black and white cake to add to the celebration. What birthday would be complete with out cake? I can not show you a photo of the cake because it was gobbled up by all the second it was put on the table, sorry.

This is also read across America month. In my book a little piece of advice coming from a recovering perfectionist. You don't always have to celebrate the actual big day on the big day! Have Dr. Seuss week next week if you are just reading this now or catching onto the fact that we just celebrated his birthday.

You could also probably hit the clearance sections for Michales Crafts, Jo-Anne's, AC Moore or Hobby Lobby for Dr. Seuss materials now. Run with it, one of the greatest gifts of home schooling is you and your children get to work on your own time line!!

Here is also a great website I found after the fact and plan to keep in my pocket of tricks for next year!

In the great words of Dr. Seuss,
" Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened". 
( I found this quote here)


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