Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Journal Sharing Sisters

I am so very blessed with two of the most amazing daughters. God sent me my first daughter when I met my Southern Man. She was almost three years old at the time and full of life.

The only girly item's she had to her sweet name was a purple powder puff's girls purse and one pink match box car.

Of course you can imagine my horror, now I do not blame Southern Man at all. He is a man and did not know what almost three year old little girls needed.

So of course you can imagine the amount of shopping that occurred after I was made aware of the situation. The first item of business was to purchase a lovely floral plastic tea set for four. Following the purchase we had a tea party immediately with Ritz crackers, vanilla wafers and the finest bathroom tap water.

The shopping did not end there. We went on the purchase one of the largest Fisher Price doll house collections, my Little Poney and many more wonderful girly toy collections.

Now this sweet little girl grew and around age 6 God blessed us with a sweet baby to come. My sweet daughter for months watched my tummy grow and prayed God had sent her a sister. Now Southern Man was sure, that God had sent us a sister and convinced my young step-daughter that she would have a play mate very soon that enjoyed her same interest. 

Well ultra sound day came. And before the appointment my very proud girly told her entire Kindgarden class she was going to see her sister in her Step-Mom's belly and would bring back a photo to share. So we all piled into the ultra sound room,Southern Man, my step-daughter beaming from ear to ear and my strapping proud step-son. And there we all cling ed to the ultra sound screen waiting to see what God had sent us. Well that darling ultra-sound tec looked over at all of our faces while listening to Southern Man assure my sweet girlie that she was getting a sister, no worries. 

Well as we heard the word's it's a BOY, the tears rushed down my face and step-son jumped for joy and said one for his team. Southern Man's face dropped and turned white and my sweet girl yelled out a fierce,"what? Daddy, you promised I was getting a sister!!,How did this happen?? Is there another baby in there???"

The ultra-sound tec burst into laughter, and so did I. My poor Southern Man looked in horror at our poor sweet kindergartner. Well that poor child also experienced great laughter from her teacher when she returned to school that afternoon with a photo of her new baby brother. 

Month's later that baby brother arrived and my sweet girl did not even mention a sister again, she loved that baby like it was her own and they have a bond that is unbreakable.

A few years later God, blessed my sweet girl at the age of 9 with a baby sister all her own. And boy did that 9 year old bless her baby sister. There was months of shopping for her, just in clothes. Not to mention all the extra kisses that baby sister got.

Now these sister's are more then just sister's, they are sharing sisters. My now 12 year old make's sure her sister has all the most important item's of being a girl. A long with as many matching clothes as they can have. Right down to the socks. 

Just today my sweet girl passed down to her baby sister her doll house collection. What a moment that was. They also made a shopping trip to our local Target to get another round of matching socks. 

I am so blessed by these very sweet sharing sisters!!



  1. That is too fun! I love matchy outfits!!

  2. Wow --what a story!
    Sounds like you have a great family that cares for each other. Love the socks.
    Come on by, I posted a recipe that would be
    easy for your family.