Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Journal Season's Greeting with a big Thank you!

Season's Greeting and a Big Thank You!

This year the theme for our Christmas Tree is American Pride. 
In honor of the ones before and after, the ones who are serving now with my brother this  Christmas season over sea's. 
I am so proud of him! 

While he support's his team over there he manages to keep up with his nieces and nephew back home. 
I am in ah of him and the rest who came before and after. Their dedication is what gives our nation the blessings it has. 

Many prayers to their families and friends who support them! 

Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Journal

Happy Thanksgiving 
from our home 
to yours!!

Coloring pages make great place mats! 
Here's a link!

I always set these as place mats for my children with a fresh box of crayons. So when they are done eating the holiday meal they can still sit with us and enjoy their family!

A few tips for smoother timing!
1.Monday,buy your flowers today and make your arrangements

2.Monday, do all your cleaning and check your napkin count and place settings

3. Tuesday, do all your food shopping that is left for last minute
4. Wednesday, do all your baking. Prep what ever you can for the next day. Lay out all the special outfits for your family for the big day!

5.Wednesday evening, Set your table, Paint your nails and watch a relaxing movie, with your hubby!
6. Thursday, TURKEY DAY, watch the Macy's day parade! Enjoy the day and don't stress. You want to look back and remember smiles, not tears!! 

Many Blessing from our home to yours!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Great Finds....Don't......

Touch the babies hands!!
I don't know how many times I have said that in my life time??
However I will tell you it's enough that if you took stock in it, you could send your family to Disney for a week all expenses paid on me!

And I am not the only nutty mother that thinks that as well.....
Look what I found!

This women is after my own heart!!! 
Not only are her and I on the same page, but she took her passion for protecting her children and showed the world she was serious!

I love it!! 
If you are one of those nutty mother's too, this might be in the top of your next purchase list!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Journal Holiday Shopping Tips

Hello Friends!
I can not believe I am in the mitts of preparing my home for Thanksgiving next week and my son's sixth birthday. 
This year has just flown bye!!
I think I am a rare shopper, however I never stop or start my Holiday shopping. I have never felt the stress of holiday shopping, because I shop all year long for this time of year.
I am blessed to have a very large family!! Aside from my core unit as a wife and mother. I come from 3 brothers and two step siblings I am very close too. Not to mention my massive amounts of cousins who are more like my siblings then cousins. 

So I am in constant preparation, I don't wrap gifts until November first. As soon as the Hallmark wrapping paper appears for the holidays!

That is my first shopping tip!
1. Hallmark wrapping paper is buy one get for for $.99! You read that right!  It is the sturdiest paper I have ever found, because poor Southern Man, bless his heart has dropped a few gifts in his day when loading up our SUV for holiday visit. And you NEVER can tell when it happens, great paper!
2. When you shop, check out the clearance and sale selections first! You will be shocked what you can find there!! I love landsend, overstock section, LLbean, free shipping and their sales too!! 
3. Sign up for emails, I have gotten a ton of coupon codes and free shipping offers!
4. Make your self a coupon bag out of a clear plastic bag to stick in your purse or keep in your vehicle and be disciplined about keeping them there, you would be surprised how much you can save!  
5. Your gift boxes are usually given away for free at department stores with your purchase, make sure you ask. If not shop at the dollar store for them! 
6. When you are online shopping make sure your email address is not the same for order confirmations that it is for your account information to your credit cards you are using to shop with. Always print out your order confirmation to keep as proof and for returns! 
6. Watch the flyers for sales!
Happy Shopping!! Be safe! Online shopping is always the best!!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thursday's Book Review

Well Fellow Blogger's
It's officially Thursday! I still have not gone to bed yet from Wednesday! He,he,he. Can you tell my creative juice is pumping! 
This week I have a great book for review!
Here is the link to amazon where you can purchase it.
This book is a great start to changing things up a bit in your routine at home. 
It is not the type of book you sit down and bang out in a weekend. This book offers it self as a great reference. 
The author, Bobbi Conner, a form radio show hosts, describes in her introduction how she found her self needing a change with her children in their way of their routine at home and gave a very personal description on how these simple steps helped change the tone in her home instantly. 
Fred Rogers, who we all have known and loved as Mr. Rogers is also mentioned in the book and his views of how play is so important for children. I found a great quote in there from him that I think I am going to make as a sign for our home school room! 

My children and I are going to be enjoying this book for several months to come! I am so excited to get started on all the great suggestions. 

Southern Man picked this one out and I love him for it! He is so into our family and connecting with our children. This is not only a great edition for creative home school moments, but great family play moments!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Home Schooling Craft projects Fall Window

Fall Window Project

My kido's loved this one! And it was very easy to adjust to skill level. Sense I am working with first year pre-school and a Kindergarten(who really is on a first grade level) 

List of Materials
  1. Tacky Glue(LOVE THIS STUFF)
  2. construction paper brown
  3. pen or pencil
  4. silk leaves
  5. felt peal back stick leaves
  6. scissors
  7. oak tag that is average construction paper size or cut to fit
  8. last however not least, patients!

First draw 4 rectangles like windows
Then cut them out only on the construction paper part, not the oak tag!

Next glue the construction paper to the oak tag

Now glue on your silk leaves and place on your pre sticky felt leaves


This one is on our Art Wall on display. My kido's love to display their art work! You might want to consider adding an Art Wall in your home school room!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lady P, Jokes!

I know how silly this is, I could not help myself!
Lady P and LuLu are standing at the gate of France. They look at sweet Bichon Lu Lu and say..."ahh puppy, come in we eat pastry and drink champagne!" They Look at German Shepard Lady P and say," You German Dog get out no way! I spit at you!!" Poor Lady P no pastry for her!

Adventures With Animals Sweet Dog Talk

I just adore how my children all talk to Lady P as if she was a person. Last night a black cat found it's way into our drive way. The children were amazed to see it. 
This morning I found the children cuddling with Lady P and telling her all about it. 
So cute!