Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Journal Fall!

First Pumpkin Spice Latte of the Season!

Fall is here!! I am so excited! I kicked it off with a trip to the salon for darker highlights and a yummy latte! I am so loving the start to this amazing season!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Home School Pot Luck Dinners

I have always enjoyed hosting events in my home. It gives me a chance to try out new entertaining ideas. 
I love the "pot luck" style. That is where everyone brings a dish. A dessert, side dish, main course, a treat. Some times you can end up with a ton of left overs and everyone can end up with a meal and not have to cook the next day. Then there are those sweet nights when you have lots of desserts makes an appearance and my sweet tooth loves those evenings!

For this season in my life I thought starting a home school pot luck dinner to share resources and good books would be a wonderful idea.
This week I kicked off my groups Home School Pot Luck Dinners. 
These special ladies and I shared good food.Good conversation and great resources for home schooling. 
Tonight I learned about making lap-books. I loved them. I can not wait to get started on one with my children!
If you know of a good lap-books website please share it with me!



Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Cook Book Southern Man makes dinner

I am truly blessed to be able to say that Southern Man is more then happy to take a turn with dinner. Now in less I request a certain menu, I can be pretty sure what I am going to end up with. However we will get into that part a bit later.

Sense we are still in summer weather. Cooler summer weather which we are loving by the way! He cooked up,"some fine vitals" (the only way he would say it!) on the grill! 

I have to agree with him. It was an outstanding meal and a nice way to end a weekend!
We stopped at a local fresh produce stand on the way home and grabbed some delicious fresh green beans, corn, and potatoes. Then of course my man choose steaks. He will fit them in where ever he can! 

Now here comes the best part. The steaks were just seasoned with salt and pepper. 
We made a delicious dressing for the green beans and steamed them in it. 
It was a half of cup of white wine that we like. 
A half cup of Kraft Greek Salad dressing,
half cup water and some Olive oil. 
And wa, la! Yummy dinner! 

I love my meat and potatoes man!
 What's for dinner on your grill?


Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Journal More Blessings from the week

Here I am again!! I just love you guys so much I made some extra time for my blog buddies! 

I want to touch some more on this week unexpected blessings. An abundance of acts of love and kindness I have experienced this week. I truly am in awe of the friendships I have made this past year.

I do not know what I would do with out the love and support of my home school net work. I have a special set of friends that I have a weekly gathering and not only are the children becoming a "pack", so are the Mommies. 

I would like to thank my special gals for blessing me with their friendship this week. It has meant so much to me with the journey we began this past summer, in the official registered home school community. 
This week one of those gals who is very talented blessed our group with an unexpected treasure. 

Her home made head bands. This is just gorgeous! To my talented friend I apologize for not molding it, however I am NOT in model form this evening. 

Thank you again ladies for your friendship and kindness!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Journal Phat Straps

This week is turning out to be amazing!! And filled with treasures!! I am not going to relieve them all at once.

I started my week out as Mrs. GRUMPY PANTS!! Then the Lord quickly showed me that was NOT how it was going to roll out!! Not all these treasures are material ones some are just acts of love. Which I will also write about at a later date!

Now onto today. When Southern Man went to our mail box this is one of the treasures that he found. He brought it back to "spencer" our truck and proceed to hand the mail to is calm wife. Until I saw this box then I gave him one of my very powerful girlie screeches that he sooo loves and proceed to tare into this package like it was Christmas Morning!!

"And what did my wondering eye appear..." My very first flare for my blog!

It is my brand new camera strap!! From  I ordered it customized with my blog name!

So look for me around with my famous shot:

You will regonize me because I will be staring at you in this pose with my new camera strap on from the back!! 

See you soon!

My Cook Book Snack Bag to go!

I hate to say it but this summer we ate a lot of  food that was NOT from our home! Not good budget choices. Living in a rural area there are not many healthy choices to choose from. If we are on the go we choose:

1. Chick fil a with fruit cups instead of fries. Water instead of soda.
2. Chipotle love that place!

3.Panera Bread

So needles to say Southern Man and I are not in the mood to see any of those places for a long time! So where does that leave us with, soccer and dance season in full throttle?  

Well here...

We have started carrying around this healthy snack bag. Here is what we had on the go this past weekend. 

I filled this bag up Friday morning with enough to get us through the entire weekend of running around and we did great!! It was ready on demand and everyone was in a better mood too!! 

I bought this bag at:

It is so great. It also came with the lunch boxes which we use all the time! 

What would you fill your snack bag up with????


Monday, September 12, 2011

Home Schooling Recycling

Hello World wide class mates. Our home school civics project this fall is recycling. We have been working hard on collecting our recyclables diligently for the last 15 weeks.

What are your scholars working on?


Monday, September 5, 2011

My Journal

Rock, Paper, Scissor shoot!

Ever have one of those moments as a parent?? Rock, Paper, Scissors shoot!

Yes, I confess my Southern Man and I have those moments. At the end of a very lonnnnnng day when you don't feel like you can get your body back out of bed we play the traditional game of who will get up and tend to our sweet loving babies. 

We of course settle this match with the best two out of three. I always win too. Southern Man still has not figured out that I use the same strategy each time. He will for sure though after he reads this!

Rock, Rock, Paper!! He always uses, Rock, Siccors, Paper. Thinking I will use rock again and paper covers, rock!

He cracks me up!!

I also have to say our sweet little girl thinks we are "one"  Person! It always comes out when she speaks to us or calls for us..."MOMDAD!"

It is just so precious!!

Love you Southern Man!!