Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Schooling A Mission Statement

Well as I start to officially in bark on our very first state qualifying year of home school, with the possibility of a mid-year move to a new state, with different qualifications to meet. I found my self a bit over whelmed. This past year we just got our feet wet with Pre-K. 

I have so many ideas and standards I want to set. I have been collecting goodies and making plans in journals. I made him his first learning portfolio. 

We made a couple of home school friends and are trying out the different co-ops in our area. 

I have researched hundreds of websites now and have so much bouncing about in my head.

I am even attending my first home school teacher and spouse learning conference this weekend with Southern Man.

Where to begin? How to organize it? I have a wish list. I have a lay out of how I want the room to look and I have narrowed it down to 3 possible general curriculum's  I want to use.   

I am ready to start writing my lesson plans. However there is a step before that I need to put into place. Goals for the year, outside of the state standards. 

A mission statement. I know what you are all thinking, "Jerry Maguire"  . Right? No I did not have a nervous breakdown and run to Kinko's in the middle of the night and you will all be getting a copy this morning!! Ha, ha,ha

No, it is a place to set my goals and reflect and look as the year goes on.

Here is mine for the 2011-2012 school year.
  • Mission 2011-2012 School Year
  • ·         To provide 180 days plus of instruction
  • ·         To meet all the state wide qualifications and plan to move to a second state.
  • ·         To supplement with Weekley Reader, Scholastic, High Five,
  • ·         To include and open our day with Bible Study
  • ·         To include fine arts, music lesson and visual arts
  • ·         To include a daily life journal
  • ·         To include 2 forms of physical education (soccer, marshal arts, swimming, gymnastics)
  • ·         To include a weather tracking journal and do monthly graphs to compare days
  • ·         To include Seasonal themed activities
  • ·         To include national themed activities
  • ·         To belong to a home school co-op and attend events
  • ·         To use math-u-see program
  • ·         To use 109 days of creation for science
  • ·         To use handwriting with out tears
  • ·         To have a story time
  • ·         To attend the library once a week
  • ·         To Learn about the 50 states, to learn to live outside our school room, outside our home, out side our street, out side our town, outside our county out side our state, outside the united states, outside our continent
  • ·         To include singing
  • ·         To include roll play and imagination
  • ·         To include goal setting and reward
  • ·         To keep a learning portfolio and journal
  • ·         To include field trips( Crayola factory, national aquarium, natural history museum,
  • ·         To include school room jobs( watering plants, taking weather info down, clean up crew, feeding fish
  • ·         Receive 2 home school publications
  • ·         Attend 2 home school learning conferences
  • ·         Include technology education
Do you have a mission statement? If not what is your goal setting technique for the up coming school year?


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  1. Anya's school uses handwriting without tears, and I think it is the most genius handwriting curriculum ever. That sounds so good, I hope it works out great for you.