Friday, March 18, 2011

My Journal Advice from Southern Man

Sometimes when I watch a movie it get's me thinking about other aspects in my life. Well the other day I watched,You've Got Mail. It is an all time classic and timeless movie. I just can not get sick of it. Well Tom Hanks' character gives Meg Ryans character a lot of advice. 

That led me to think about the advice I get from Southern Man.

Southern Man has two answers in life for everything.
The answers are,
a. 42(if it's not this)
b. rinse and repeat! 

This is me,"   Honey how many baby's should we have?"
Southern Man,"42'

Me, "  Hun I can not get my computer to work!"
Southern Man,"  Rinse and Repeat"

See what I mean!

What advice do you hear in your home?

1 comment:

  1. I had to think about that as; 'You should...' is in front of most things my wee Welshman says.
    I know - cause I never had a valid thought myself - right?

    Seriously, he can't help himself - he always has advice but most of it is seriously good. The best advice he gives me - get on the right side of the car/road!