Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Journal Date night on the old couch

Southern Man and I are very good about having our date night and balance. Sometimes it is a cute dress and dinner out with a suit. Other times, we take a walk with Presley. A couple of nights we have grabbed a good book and taken turns reading to each other. I won't tell you about all our date ideas in this post. However I will tell you that the other night we rented a movie. It was not just a average movie. This movie had us laughing and cuddling with each other. And here it is folks,

this photo came from

It did not get the best ratings in the box office and Southern Man and I are not sure why? We loved it. I think we may even be purchasing a copy for our home movie library. Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford and many more actors to the cast that added greatly to the movie. 

Check out the trailer:

It looks good, right? We were dancing and laughing at the end. We even played back the last few scenes so we could dance and watch the ending one more time. I am also willing to not be shy and say I watched it again to night with a good cup of tea on my own.

Are you due for a good date night on the couch? Check this movie out, we had a great time watching it!!


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