Cooking with Allergies-Where to find a new reciepe?

What is your Gluten free sandwich being held together with?
This is from the Udi's website    

Mine has this amazing bread holding in the yummy goodness in the middle!!
Toasted, right out of the bag, fried, baked, plain, with butter, it doesn't matter this is the best gluten free bread I have ever had!! NO these people are not paying me!!

Pull out your soybutter and jelly people!! S and J's are back in town!!
Check out this link where to buy it!

I purchased this Magazine from Barns and Noble

Well, sometime things do not always work out as planned!! UMH!(this is a sound I make a lot). I edited this photo and turned it correctly, however "" program refuses to upload the edited and turned image.
Well this will be a truly public example in life of how I choose "to roll with it". This is a saying we use in my home a lot!!

So, I grabbed this magazine on my way to our last adventure. Every trip starts with a pit stop to a Barns in Noble in our family! I am always looking for gluten free living recipes sense that is one of the ways I being the Chef makes things. For reasons I will write about later.

I was very please with this magazine and hoping you will check it out as well!!
Betty Crockers.Gluten free Recipe Collection,Volume 20,Number 6.