Monday, January 30, 2012

Home Schooling Math Chart


This simple number chart makes a world of difference in my son's ability with learning to add. Do you have simple tools you are using during your math lesson?

Monday, January 23, 2012

My Journal My Travels to Pete's New Haven Style pizza

If you are apart of my family growing up pizza was it's own food group!
My very first job out side of baby sitting was working for the famous Restaurant Rossini's Pizza in Cheshire,Ct. 
They were the real deal when it came to Italian food. They still are and still yummy!

I lived for my night I worked there! At the end of my shift the owner Ralphie would always send me home with a pie all my own with what ever I wanted on it! 
When I became gluten intolerant 1o years ago, I had the shock that I would no longer be able to eat at my Rosinni's any longer.
Now, I have found an answer to my search!
 They have gluten free pizza! 
It was delicious! 
What an amazing! 

Artichokes, pepperoni and onions, just the way I love it!
Southern Man ordered 4 more of these to take home for me! I wrapped them slice by slice and froze them. I had them for great quick meals. It last me almost 2 weeks! Yes I ate for 2 out of me 3 meals a day! I had not had pizza like this in 10 years! I could not help myself!!

 See our family style cozy booth! What a great time we had there! Good food, good music, great service!
This resturant was amazing! Even the soda was healthy!
Corn Syrup free!!
Pete's prides themselves on great service and healthy choices!

There were a ton of cute shops to explore and the neighborhood was friendly and clean!

This was a great family day adventure!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adventures with Animals, Lady P,

This is her actual asleep look. This poor girl is always on the job! 
She is NEVER off the clock! 
She is always, looking out for our family, giving a caring kiss, listening, watching, playing, looking,counting, eating,drinking, dragging her toys out..right after I have put them away! 
The list goes on and on! 
This amazing creature..never sleeps! 
I think she needs to go on vacation more then I do!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunday Brunch!

I am a creature of habit, maybe! Well I do know this, my grandparents took me to church also most every Sunday and when they did we always went out for brunch after wards. 
That is one special tradition I will never change. I love warm Sunday Brunch, church too of course!
Tomorrow it's going to be warm pancakes on a cold winter morning!

First I make my batter!

Then I warm up my amazing pancake griddle.

Then on to, the end result! Warm buttery syrup added! Did I mention these babies are gluten free?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Home Schooling Advanced Readers

My children ages 3 and 6 this morning walked into my room while I was preparing our new math book for our home school lessons today. 
Each of them was holding a chapter book in their hands diligently looking through it.
My 3 year old daughter was reading, The Confident Child,by Terri Apter, PHD.
My son holding in his hand Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain

I asked them both how their books were, my daughter replied," I am working on my confidence."
My son response was,"What...I like Kitchens?"
I think home school is going pretty well, considering their reading choices!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Journal My Daughter's Song!

The other day, my little girl and I were waiting around for her Daddy(Southern Man) to arrive home and kill those few minutes before we sat down to dinner. She was so ancy for dinner. So I decide to seize the moment and write her a song to occupy her mind.

There we were two silly girls, singing along to the words we were coming up with to make her song. We were having so much fun.
Yesterday on a trip to the dentist, I heard her sweet voice coming from the back seat of my suv singing her sweet song. She was so proud! I started singing along with her.
We had a dear friend traveling with us and she was so tickled to hear the song we had come up with.
We are having our quite time after lunch right now. I sat down to write to all of you and what did I hear coming from her room, but the sweet song she had made for me....
"Mom, Mom, I love you Mom!"I love, I love, I love you all the time. Mom, Mom I lovvvvvve you!, Oh Mom, I love you".
I am sooo holding back the tears right now! Her sweet amazing voice just made my heart grow twice in size!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Home Schooling If you have questions this answers them!

This you tube video was sent to me by a home school girl friend. I hope all of our home schooling children say this some day! 
If you have questions about what life is like for a home schooled child,  this should answer them!
Take a look

Friday, January 13, 2012

Home School Winter is in full bloom!

Winter is in full bloom at my house, literally. The grass is the greenest it has ever been in my back yard and full too! Southern Man is headed out that way to cut the grass this weekend, CRAZY! Last year we had several inches of snow back there and could only imagine grass. 
Well my children and I are making the best of it! My 3 year old cracks up every day when she has to switch back and forth between turtle necks and t-shirts. Lucky for her she is a silly girl and loves to change her clothes and style at least twice a day! 

Well, our class room is covered in snow flakes(paper ones), Valentine Hearts, History of Dr. Martin Luther King and a preview of Dr. Seuss. 
Here is our art wall, with the only snowmen we have seen this season! However they are a fun craft to make!

Our theme tree is covered in winter hopes!

Our reading center is full of winter stories! 

And we are starting our morning off with warm winter breakfast, to keep our faith snow will come!

I hope our winter season decor and themes help you get your winter season in full bloom!
share with us what's going on in your class room. I love new ideas!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Great Finds Favorite Gifts

 I love GIVING!! My family thinks I am nuts, however I exploded with  JOY from showering my family with treasures.

I was blessed with so many thoughtful gifts this season.
 The link below is one of my favorite new treasures, Wild Olive Tees!

 A home school girl friend shared Wild Olive Tee's website with me earlier this fall. I just fell in love with the t-shirts and their way they give back!

This is my shirt above!
Here is the link to it

Give them some of your shopping time. I have a hunch you might fall in love like I did!

Happy on-line shopping!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Cook Book What's for Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
Black Bean Veggie Mix Soup!
with a French Baguette from Panera Bread
 I had this Black Bean Soup mix in my cub bard for a few months. However I was afraid to make it,sense I am not very good at mastering soft beans. I hemmed and hawed over it for a few weeks just leaving it on the counter to stare at.

Well I needed a crock-pot meal yesterday. So, I through caution to the wind! I made a list of the ingredients my family likes in a soup and went for it!

You can add anything you want! I choose these items,
1 large can of diced tomatoes
1 small can of diced tomatoes and chilies
quarter of an onion
half a container of chicken stalk
frozen veggies
lots of water
and the end, fresh bread from Panera Bread for serving

First I chopped my onion and celery and fried it in olive oil for browning. Then I add about 2/3 of the bag of my soup mix. Then I filled the pot with water and boiled it for about 30 minutes.
While that was boiling I prepared the other portion. 
Now if you do not want to use a crock-pot like I did and let it simmer all day. You could you a dutch oven pan,like this one and cook it at a higher temp for a faster turn around time

Southern Man calls this my Magic Pot because every thing we make in here comes out amazing!
Back to my crock pot. Next I add the 2 cans of diced tomatoes in here. Several cups of water and my spices. Blended it together with my long cooking spoon and set the heat to high and covered it. 
When the beans, celery and onion were done boiling I added it to the crock pot and blended it some more.

I added a few more spices. These lovely mixed spices to the right, my home school friend gave me for Christmas. They have the most lovely smells.

Lastly I decide on carrots and peas for my frozen veggie add in. Mixed that into the crock pot. Closed the lid and let the heat stay on high for about 2 hours. 
Then I turned it down to low heat for about 4 hours. Then turned it back up to high heat about 1 hour before we ate. To make sure the beans were soft.

Well, the soup was a huge success with my gang because all I have to show is this large left over container! I could need even snap a quick photo in the bowl, because the dinner cries were loud last night!! 
However as soon as the warm soup and soft bread hit their tongues a great hush came over my home again!

I love it when there are left overs! Even after all had 3 helpings each!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Home Schooling Book Review Sunday:Storytime Yoga, by Sydeny Solis

I am always trying to find physical activities in our home that will promote a healthy body image for my children. Yes, my children are young athletes we play soccer,swim and hit the park circuit around our small county. 
However when it is not soccer season and the winter weather sets in we need a release. Even on a rainy summer day we need to have a way to release energy. 
I studied Yoga in college and loved it. I felt so centered and calm. I used it during my pregnancies to relax as well. 
I even have Southern Man doing Yoga these days  too! 
I have wanted to find a way to entice my children more with the practice of Yoga. Well, I have finally found a great tool to help me.

Storytime Yoga, by Sydeny Solis
I grabbed this book on one of my many voyages to Barns and Nobel. 
I have made a real connection with Sydeny Solis writing. She writes as a women,mother and teacher. All three of the roles I fill as well. 
She has so much creative energy coming from this book. I had to stop several times to write down my thoughts. 
This is a great teaching tool!
We are in the process of making our families alter for our focal point during our Yoga sessions.
I have also included her website and Facebook page so you can check her out. I have been able to hunt down her book on Amazon, if you are a addicted amazon shopper like I am.

I hope you will invite this book into your home. Even if you are not a home schooling family this would be a great asset to any family!
I would love to hear your feed back write to me.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Creative Corner Photo Projects

I am known in my family for carrying around my camera. You never know what I am up too. I have produced some amazing memories for my family.
Years down the road I will look back at this photo and see the magic that filled our home this year.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I am excited to have another amazing year with Southern Man!
Any new years resolutions to share?