Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home Schooling Home Sick?

I know I have mentioned this before, however I can not say enough how amazing home school is. This morning around 3:30am we got hit with the stomach flu. My poor little man went down like a ton of bricks and before I knew it, I was changing sheets on my bed and washing his lovies. 

That is right, I said my bed. And that is why there are duevet covers. Love those things!

So we slept it off, started out the day with some toast, white grape juice. A movie Curious George movie about recycling. A few vanilla wafers and some more grape juice. And BAM, the child was back on his feet and ready to learn.

We had two large learning sessions and the day was NOT a total wash. He still wanted to taken in new items, review old ones and be challenged. 

This is so amazing. This evening he even did some more practice skills with Southern Man. That guy is such an amazing Daddy. 

I think there is so much to be said, for the kind of wonderful experiences that we are having here. This little boy has such a thrust for knowledge and I am so glad I have made the choices that I have.

Do you find yourself not always having a complete sick day?


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