Monday, March 28, 2011

Creative Corner This week's floral arrangement and more

Spring is on it's way. That is what I keep telling myself even though I saw snow in my back yard yesterday morning when I let the dogs out. 

To help my family not loose hope that spring is here by calendar and to keep their hearts a bit sweeter I filled up a Montana jar with some spring colors and delightful yummys for their sweet teeth. 

The jar was filled last week. This is what happens when our family gathers in the kitchen for conversation.

This week, I think I was channeling memories from my wedding to my sweet Southern Man. The floral arrangement for my dinning table symbolizes my wedding boutique in so many ways.

I just find this breath taking.
No, I don't think I would think of red as a typical spring color unless I was about to celebrate memorial day. 
However these breath taking flowers caught my eye in the Giant Floral section. 
I used a short, over sized circular vase.
Two large bunches of large headed carnations. 

I hope this has inspired you to add a little spring hope in your home!

Check back next week to see what is in my creative corner!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Journal Sharing Sisters

I am so very blessed with two of the most amazing daughters. God sent me my first daughter when I met my Southern Man. She was almost three years old at the time and full of life.

The only girly item's she had to her sweet name was a purple powder puff's girls purse and one pink match box car.

Of course you can imagine my horror, now I do not blame Southern Man at all. He is a man and did not know what almost three year old little girls needed.

So of course you can imagine the amount of shopping that occurred after I was made aware of the situation. The first item of business was to purchase a lovely floral plastic tea set for four. Following the purchase we had a tea party immediately with Ritz crackers, vanilla wafers and the finest bathroom tap water.

The shopping did not end there. We went on the purchase one of the largest Fisher Price doll house collections, my Little Poney and many more wonderful girly toy collections.

Now this sweet little girl grew and around age 6 God blessed us with a sweet baby to come. My sweet daughter for months watched my tummy grow and prayed God had sent her a sister. Now Southern Man was sure, that God had sent us a sister and convinced my young step-daughter that she would have a play mate very soon that enjoyed her same interest. 

Well ultra sound day came. And before the appointment my very proud girly told her entire Kindgarden class she was going to see her sister in her Step-Mom's belly and would bring back a photo to share. So we all piled into the ultra sound room,Southern Man, my step-daughter beaming from ear to ear and my strapping proud step-son. And there we all cling ed to the ultra sound screen waiting to see what God had sent us. Well that darling ultra-sound tec looked over at all of our faces while listening to Southern Man assure my sweet girlie that she was getting a sister, no worries. 

Well as we heard the word's it's a BOY, the tears rushed down my face and step-son jumped for joy and said one for his team. Southern Man's face dropped and turned white and my sweet girl yelled out a fierce,"what? Daddy, you promised I was getting a sister!!,How did this happen?? Is there another baby in there???"

The ultra-sound tec burst into laughter, and so did I. My poor Southern Man looked in horror at our poor sweet kindergartner. Well that poor child also experienced great laughter from her teacher when she returned to school that afternoon with a photo of her new baby brother. 

Month's later that baby brother arrived and my sweet girl did not even mention a sister again, she loved that baby like it was her own and they have a bond that is unbreakable.

A few years later God, blessed my sweet girl at the age of 9 with a baby sister all her own. And boy did that 9 year old bless her baby sister. There was months of shopping for her, just in clothes. Not to mention all the extra kisses that baby sister got.

Now these sister's are more then just sister's, they are sharing sisters. My now 12 year old make's sure her sister has all the most important item's of being a girl. A long with as many matching clothes as they can have. Right down to the socks. 

Just today my sweet girl passed down to her baby sister her doll house collection. What a moment that was. They also made a shopping trip to our local Target to get another round of matching socks. 

I am so blessed by these very sweet sharing sisters!!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Home Schooling Scholastic Dollar Day's Sale

Hi There Home Learners!

There are a few places I am learning to shop and find some deals for our home school room. Scholastic has become one of them!! This week until March 31st, 2011(just in case you loose a year) Scholastic is having it's Dollar Day's Sale!!

this is from the scholastic web page.
No friends Scholastic is in NO WAY paying me to say this. They are unware that my small blog is promoting this wonderful sale!!
I just thought out of the goodness of comrodery I would share this with all of you. That is right$1 per book. They had a good selection. I gave myself a $ 30 limit and it went far!! I was impressed!! And I ended up with 28 books!! 

I am sure they will run this sale again. If you are unaware of Scholastic I am going to share their link. And also tell you I have signed up for their printables and mini-books as filler's for our lessons. I am loving the site and is very user friendly.

Now, you want to look for the teachers store for the book sale. I signed up as a teacher as my school I listed home school. 

I hope this can benifit your learning enviroment in some way. 

Happy Shopping,

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Home Schooling Home Sick?

I know I have mentioned this before, however I can not say enough how amazing home school is. This morning around 3:30am we got hit with the stomach flu. My poor little man went down like a ton of bricks and before I knew it, I was changing sheets on my bed and washing his lovies. 

That is right, I said my bed. And that is why there are duevet covers. Love those things!

So we slept it off, started out the day with some toast, white grape juice. A movie Curious George movie about recycling. A few vanilla wafers and some more grape juice. And BAM, the child was back on his feet and ready to learn.

We had two large learning sessions and the day was NOT a total wash. He still wanted to taken in new items, review old ones and be challenged. 

This is so amazing. This evening he even did some more practice skills with Southern Man. That guy is such an amazing Daddy. 

I think there is so much to be said, for the kind of wonderful experiences that we are having here. This little boy has such a thrust for knowledge and I am so glad I have made the choices that I have.

Do you find yourself not always having a complete sick day?


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Adventures with Animals

There are certain moments you can have with your pet that just get cemented into your brain. Some of them are moments of love. Others are moments of anger. Last but not least there are the ones that you submit to America's Funniest Home Video's. 

This morning I had one of the America's Funniest Home Video moments. 

It was first thing in the morning. I left Presley up stares because everyone was still sleeping. I needed to slip down stares for a drink of water. 

When I returned my fine furry lady, she greeted me at the gate with a special gift.

She was wearing my,


There is no, G rated photo I can put up here to display this moment.  I am not putting a photo of my actual bra on the internet, please, let's leave some things to the imagination!  

Let's just say, I would have won the prize for the funniest video!! That is a laugh that started my day on the right paw!


Friday, March 18, 2011

My Journal Advice from Southern Man

Sometimes when I watch a movie it get's me thinking about other aspects in my life. Well the other day I watched,You've Got Mail. It is an all time classic and timeless movie. I just can not get sick of it. Well Tom Hanks' character gives Meg Ryans character a lot of advice. 

That led me to think about the advice I get from Southern Man.

Southern Man has two answers in life for everything.
The answers are,
a. 42(if it's not this)
b. rinse and repeat! 

This is me,"   Honey how many baby's should we have?"
Southern Man,"42'

Me, "  Hun I can not get my computer to work!"
Southern Man,"  Rinse and Repeat"

See what I mean!

What advice do you hear in your home?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home Schooling A Mission Statement

Well as I start to officially in bark on our very first state qualifying year of home school, with the possibility of a mid-year move to a new state, with different qualifications to meet. I found my self a bit over whelmed. This past year we just got our feet wet with Pre-K. 

I have so many ideas and standards I want to set. I have been collecting goodies and making plans in journals. I made him his first learning portfolio. 

We made a couple of home school friends and are trying out the different co-ops in our area. 

I have researched hundreds of websites now and have so much bouncing about in my head.

I am even attending my first home school teacher and spouse learning conference this weekend with Southern Man.

Where to begin? How to organize it? I have a wish list. I have a lay out of how I want the room to look and I have narrowed it down to 3 possible general curriculum's  I want to use.   

I am ready to start writing my lesson plans. However there is a step before that I need to put into place. Goals for the year, outside of the state standards. 

A mission statement. I know what you are all thinking, "Jerry Maguire"  . Right? No I did not have a nervous breakdown and run to Kinko's in the middle of the night and you will all be getting a copy this morning!! Ha, ha,ha

No, it is a place to set my goals and reflect and look as the year goes on.

Here is mine for the 2011-2012 school year.
  • Mission 2011-2012 School Year
  • ·         To provide 180 days plus of instruction
  • ·         To meet all the state wide qualifications and plan to move to a second state.
  • ·         To supplement with Weekley Reader, Scholastic, High Five,
  • ·         To include and open our day with Bible Study
  • ·         To include fine arts, music lesson and visual arts
  • ·         To include a daily life journal
  • ·         To include 2 forms of physical education (soccer, marshal arts, swimming, gymnastics)
  • ·         To include a weather tracking journal and do monthly graphs to compare days
  • ·         To include Seasonal themed activities
  • ·         To include national themed activities
  • ·         To belong to a home school co-op and attend events
  • ·         To use math-u-see program
  • ·         To use 109 days of creation for science
  • ·         To use handwriting with out tears
  • ·         To have a story time
  • ·         To attend the library once a week
  • ·         To Learn about the 50 states, to learn to live outside our school room, outside our home, out side our street, out side our town, outside our county out side our state, outside the united states, outside our continent
  • ·         To include singing
  • ·         To include roll play and imagination
  • ·         To include goal setting and reward
  • ·         To keep a learning portfolio and journal
  • ·         To include field trips( Crayola factory, national aquarium, natural history museum,
  • ·         To include school room jobs( watering plants, taking weather info down, clean up crew, feeding fish
  • ·         Receive 2 home school publications
  • ·         Attend 2 home school learning conferences
  • ·         Include technology education
Do you have a mission statement? If not what is your goal setting technique for the up coming school year?


Monday, March 14, 2011

My Journal Shoppping!!

Well, I got to do a bit of shopping and I picked up a new treasure. As time goes bye you all will start to catch onto the fact that I am a bag lady. NO, not combing the streets bag lady. I just love to collect bags. I also love to travel so I guess maybe I just love to have the perfect bag to be on an adventure with. 

I have several items inside my bag. I guess you could say I almost have a Marry Poppins syndrome. You know where the scene in the movie where she pulls all the items out of her bag, right down to a lamp. My Southern Man just falls to pieces with laughter over my bag illness. For a brief time he tried to fight it. However several years now into our marriage he almost embraces it now and get's a chuckle in when I fall in love with a new bag. 

Maybe he see's how simply I can find pleasure.

So I bet you are all wondering what bag I got??

This photo comes from the
Here it is. I have seen these bags now for about 2 years. Last summer I started frantically looking for one. I just could not take it any longer I had to have one. So I looked high and low. Could not find it. I was too nervous to ask some one who had one where they got it. 

Well today I saw 2 more of them with in a 30 minute time span. I just could not take it anymore. So the next person I saw with one I stopped, I asked and she replied with a smile. However when she said the name she had such a heavy accent I could not understand her and she was so sweet I was to embarrassed to ask again.

Was this God's sign telling me I had too many bags already and I was nuts to fall in love with another??

Well about 10 minutes later another bag passed buy again, so I guess that is NOT what the big guy was saying:) 

So I got up the nerve one last time to ask this sweet lady who was the bag buy and please where did she get it. Poor Southern Man there we were in the most delightful pie shop enjoying ourselves on a date alone. And there goes is his crazy wife after another hand bag!!

Well this sweet lady who also had her bag stuffed to the brim because she had a toddler in toe, like I usually do. Laughed and said,"Oh it's a Longchamp, bag you are going to love it!! They come in a thousand colors!!". Before we were done chatting and laughing she also told me where to buy one. It just so happened that the lovely pie shop was right next store to the shop that had the bags!! WHAT FATE!! 

I look over at Southern Man, and he smiles and says," I have 2 more bites left of my pie and then we can go!" He just thinks I am cute, which he then said and I giggled and clapped. I could not believe after 2 years the moment had come to get my bag!!!

Let's look at it one more time

Isn't just wonderful. It is so deep and it very strong. And has a huge mouth and long handles. Of course a zipper too. I just can not wait to take it on a trip!!

Here is the website in case you want to take a peak!

Happy shopping,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Home Schooling My first home school conference!!

Well today was an amazing day. I attend my first home school conference. Of course Southern Man came with me. He is the most wonderful and dedicated father I have ever met. 

We got to hear the president of HSLDA,(Home School Legal Defense Association) speak. He is a very charismatic genuine man. I was very impressed with how much he cares about home schooling and his passion for his children. 

We got to purchase several wonderful home school books I am excited to dive in and read. Which I will write about in a different post. We attend 3 wonderful lectures and got some amazing resources. I have so very much to process.

If you have not attended a Home School conference I highly suggest you do. I also highly suggest you join HSLDA, not they are not paying me to say that. They have an amazing support system to offer. 

One of the lectures I had today, works for them and said there is never a moment she can not help. Call her anytime about anything and she will be happy to help. It felt great to have that support.

We also got to sit and chat at lunch with some other home schooling parents and feel the comrade.

Here is the link to the HSLDA. They also have links to up coming conference in your area. Hope to see you all at one soon.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Journal Date night on the old couch

Southern Man and I are very good about having our date night and balance. Sometimes it is a cute dress and dinner out with a suit. Other times, we take a walk with Presley. A couple of nights we have grabbed a good book and taken turns reading to each other. I won't tell you about all our date ideas in this post. However I will tell you that the other night we rented a movie. It was not just a average movie. This movie had us laughing and cuddling with each other. And here it is folks,

this photo came from

It did not get the best ratings in the box office and Southern Man and I are not sure why? We loved it. I think we may even be purchasing a copy for our home movie library. Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, Harrison Ford and many more actors to the cast that added greatly to the movie. 

Check out the trailer:

It looks good, right? We were dancing and laughing at the end. We even played back the last few scenes so we could dance and watch the ending one more time. I am also willing to not be shy and say I watched it again to night with a good cup of tea on my own.

Are you due for a good date night on the couch? Check this movie out, we had a great time watching it!!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Home Schooling Preparing for St. Patricks Day!

I love to decorate our learning space and home with seasonal decorations. My Southern Man say's that I am whimsical and magical with this touch I have.

Here is one of our St. Patrick Day friends. My son made this in pre-school last year. I hung him from the chandelier.

This beautiful cross is in our home daily. However it does represent our Irish heritage. Southern Man bought this for me on our trip to Rock Port,MA this past summer at a very special shop I will bog about another time. One sentence would not do it Justis.

I hit the dollar store to buy a few items this year. I did not want to go over board, however if you were one of my family members or close friends you would argue that I do not know the meaning of not going all out!

So I got those new cool window and mirror decals that I added to the bathroom mirror. Then my Aunt Cat got me those new cute jellies for the windows from our local Christmas tree shop, love that gal she is fun. Then of course we had to have Irish themed pencils for our home school work.

This big fella is my newest lucky charm!! I grabbed him at Jo-Anne Fabrics and I just adore him!! And he has brought me some luck!

Then of course I had to have a pot of gold on our home message board. Yes, thank you that is the work of this artist's hand.

What St, Patty's Day decorations do you have going on in your learning space??

Irish Blessings,

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cooking With Allergies Meal Planning Ideas

this is from the e-mealz site.
I think at times anyone can stumble in the meal planning department. When I go grocery shopping I can get into a funk. Sometimes I even change up where I shop even if it coasts a little bit more. 

I have so many wonderful cook books, I could probably fill 2 or 3 large book cases full. However, now a new home schooling Mom I don't have the energy to look through them. I am sure once I find a rhythm I will find my energy again. 

I like to have tools or maybe you could call it a trick up my sleeve every now and then of helpful time savers.

 I have heard nothing but wonderful reviews about this site. I am thinking of giving it a try. I know of two girl friends who have raved about it. 

All you do is print out the shopping list. It even lists options where to shop. From Giant to Walmart and many more. Then it gives the recipes. You could even get away with pre-making some of the meals. Then rewarming them through out the week.

There is even a choice to have gluten-free meals. Look for an update on my adventure with!

Write me and let me know if you gave it a try? 


Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Journal A field trip with the Lord in the Court Room

I have this dear friend Miss Patty and she likes to say I am a good Shepperd because I take my faith with me everywhere.

Today I was given an opportunity to send God's word into a court room filled with people and had there attention. Walking out of there after that experience I felt like I was walking on water. I had more strength then I had ever felt. My two year old who I had on hip, who usually wears me out with her extreme 99% on the growth charts felt lighter then air on my hip.

I showed forgiveness, love, and God's strong message to an alcoholic who hit my vehicle drunk a few months back.On a suspended licenses to begin with from alcohol abuse..

I had the Judge in aw, with my grace and compassion. It felt amazing. And so proud to testify in front of my children God's strength and forgiveness.

I got to show that broken alcoholic that they had more worth then what they had gotten themselves  into.

I pray that they ask God to be apart of their life and get past their disease.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Home Schooling Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss !

My children and I look for every chance we can get to celebrate or have a fun theme week! This week we were blessed to get to celebrate one of children greatest contributor's Dr. Susses. What a celebration we had.

We kicked off the week with a reading of the traditional,
My 5 year old had heard this story before, however I think it went over his head. This time he caught on to the pattern in the book. Of course his Mommy reads with great dramatic inflection so it makes it all the more interesting. Many giggles were shared during the reading this time. 

Then we decided that we needed to move onto a hands on activity. Of course that usually involves scissors and glue, hehehe!

I know you love him already and want to give him a big hug!! This one is mine. I like to make a sample for my children. They are still just learning about their creativity so I think a model helps. It also provides a direction to move in. Young children like direction. Plus I won't lie I still like to cut and paste. hehehe!

supply list per Dr. Seuss face
1. piece of large white construction paper
2. 1 piece of regular sized red construction paper
3. 1 piece of black construction paper or a small piece from a scarp box
4. 1 glue stick and 1 bottle of Elmers glue
5. 1 pair of large googley eyes
6. 2 black pipe cleaners
7.pencil for tracing and scissors for cutting
8.1 small size snack bag to make independent face decoration bag.

This craft was also incredibly easy to modify for both ages groups of pre-school ( age 2 1/2) and Kindergarten (age 5).

I made each child a little snack bag size of supplies they will need to decorate the Dr. Seuss face. This provide 1. Organization with me for the 2 and 1/2 year old. 2. Independence for the 5 year old who could move at his own pace, with little instruction from Mommy.

First we traced out the figure. I used double size drawing paper. The heavier stuff like construction paper sense there would be weight on the top of it. You could also use poster board or oak tag. I traced for the 2 and 1/2 year old and the 5 year old was able to trace for himself.

Then came one of the best part's cutting it out. Again you can see more independence from the 5 year old.

He did a great job. I am just so proud of him. Next we moved on too, adding the color in.

Now we free handed making the bow-tie by making 2 hearts and connecting them. On that same piece of paper we also made the stripes of the hat. 
You can see where he traced the hat part of the figure onto the red paper and then connected the line free hand. Then he just knew to start cutting it out on his own. I love independence!!

This is what the hat looked like after we added the stripes to it.

Next came the bow-tie. We used the glue stick for these tasks.

Next with the glue stick he added the black knot to the bow-tie and decorated the face. He knew all on his own to use the glue for the whiskers. Which I thought showed great inference on his part. Another independent skill I am very proud of.

And there is the young man's finished product. I am just beaming with pride on his hard work. Of course this work is showed cased on our frig right now. That is where are all the show stoppers go!

Of course more Dr. Seuss stories. Southern Man surprised the children with another book to add to their Dr.Seuss library. We also made a black and white cake to add to the celebration. What birthday would be complete with out cake? I can not show you a photo of the cake because it was gobbled up by all the second it was put on the table, sorry.

This is also read across America month. In my book a little piece of advice coming from a recovering perfectionist. You don't always have to celebrate the actual big day on the big day! Have Dr. Seuss week next week if you are just reading this now or catching onto the fact that we just celebrated his birthday.

You could also probably hit the clearance sections for Michales Crafts, Jo-Anne's, AC Moore or Hobby Lobby for Dr. Seuss materials now. Run with it, one of the greatest gifts of home schooling is you and your children get to work on your own time line!!

Here is also a great website I found after the fact and plan to keep in my pocket of tricks for next year!

In the great words of Dr. Seuss,
" Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened". 
( I found this quote here)


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Journal a box

Look What came for me today!!

a box. What is inside the box?

another box, he,he,he
Some of you might know what this box stands for. 

Here they are!! My very first pair of Western Boots!! I am over the moon about them!

They fit like a glove!! The reviews were right, they feel broken in. I can not wait to take them out for a spin with a jean skirt. Not to mention for a ride on a horse. I got a lovely invite to ride at a local farm and I can not wait to go!! 

I am hoping this move brings a horse in our future!!

Well I am going to take these cute boots out for an adventure! I will keep you all updated on where these boots take me!

"These boots were made for walk'n and that's just what I'll do"

Animal Adeventures Queen Lucie Lu

There are two queens in my home. Myself who is the true ruler with Southern Man and then Luci Lu, who rules the sofa in our great room. 
Lucie Lu reigns with an iron paw and demands a clean home, meals severed at prompt times they are scheduled and for the children to go to bed on time every day. 
I myself realize my family is like raising an entire farm of animals and just go with it. 

There's our queen. Can you tell how strict she is just by looking at her??

She just got back from the groomer that afternoon, so she is looking her very best. She is also sporting a lovely St. Patty's day bow to match our home. It lasted about 5 minutes until the 2 year old ripped it off and demanded that it did not belong there.
I loved the bow. 

Well it was time for the afternoon water bowl fill up.
See what I mean strict!!

Thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home Schooling Spring Craft Chicks in the Grass

this photo came from

 Supply List Spring Chicks in the Grass Craft
1 large glue stick
1 bag of soft small feathers with out the stems
  Jo Anne's, Michales, Dollar General all sell these
1 large white sheet of paper
2 green crayons 1 orange crayon
1 black sharpie

First Draw the grass on your white sheet of paper. From the bottom of the paper about a third of the way up, with the green crayons by making lines. I made a mark on the page to show my 5 year old where to stop . This is also good practice for writing. 

After you have the grass in, now you can start to add the chicks. 

Now start to glue the feathers about half way up the grass.

Now use the sharpie to draw legs a beak and eyes. You can make them out to be anything you want. Here are ours. This is the 2 year old's page. 

Now add the sun. 
Here are is the one my five year old made. He did such a wonderful job. 

We made these this morning. We had a wonderful time and both ages groups were able to share this craft smoothly.
Write me and tell me how your Spring Chicks in the grass Craft turned out!