Creative Corner-Flower Arrangements-1

Flower Arrangements are something I always admire at Whole Foods, Dorthy Lane Market,peoples homes,parties and many more places. That is the first thing I look for when visiting some one's home, is if they have fresh flowers out. I think it says something about some one. I savor fresh flowers almost like a fine wine or a decant chocolate.

This arrangement is one I made over this past Christmas for my Step-Mom's and Dad's bedroom. My wonderful Southern Man went on a hunt to our local target at my parent's home and went vase hunting for me. He is the most supportive man for all my creative moments. The arrangement has your basic sized red rose,some white tea roses and a few sprigs of pine from our favorite Christmas tree farm. I placed them inside a small oval vase with a large mouth.

 This arrangement was for the center piece of our dinning table at my parents home. It is on this beautiful cake stand that I grabbed at the Christmas Tree Shop.(I love that store!! That is a post for another day!) By the way I paid less then $5 for it! I know amazing!
This time I used a medium sized square vase. This time I added another type of pine from my parents yard. You would be surprised to look around your own yard and see what you can use for an arrangement.
Last in this post, but certainly not least, is my all time favorite, your basic country jar with carnations. This arrangement is a staple in our home. I do not always use carnations but the style stays the same. There is something about this country jar that just says home to me. No, I don't not live in a country home,that too is a discussion for another post. For this month I am repeating the red and pink carnations to set the stage for Valentines Day.

I hope you find some fresh flowers in your home this week!