Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Animal Adeventures Queen Lucie Lu

There are two queens in my home. Myself who is the true ruler with Southern Man and then Luci Lu, who rules the sofa in our great room. 
Lucie Lu reigns with an iron paw and demands a clean home, meals severed at prompt times they are scheduled and for the children to go to bed on time every day. 
I myself realize my family is like raising an entire farm of animals and just go with it. 

There's our queen. Can you tell how strict she is just by looking at her??

She just got back from the groomer that afternoon, so she is looking her very best. She is also sporting a lovely St. Patty's day bow to match our home. It lasted about 5 minutes until the 2 year old ripped it off and demanded that it did not belong there.
I loved the bow. 

Well it was time for the afternoon water bowl fill up.
See what I mean strict!!

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