Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Journal A Valentine from God

I love to write about my faith. 
One of my dear friends who I am very close to because of our faith loves to say, I am one of God's Shepard's spreading the word through my life. This friend is so dear to me.
God, is so dear to me and for Valentines Day this year he gave me one of his gifts that reminds you just how powerful and amazing he is.
I have had a hearts desire for quite some time now, one that I did not think I could ever make possible. And then out of know where he gave Southern Man the tools to make that hearts desire happen for our family!
I love how God has a plan for you greater then you could ever imagine!! This amazing life he has given me, even on days where I have fear he shows me that he is hear. That he always gives Southern Man the tools to provide for his family more then just our needs.

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