Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home Schooling Sick and Not Sick

Today I have one sick child and a child who is not sick. My sweet little girl the 2 year old is down and out with a stomach virus. However my little man the 5 year old is not. This is one of the amazing advantages to homeschooling, where I can nurture the sick child and the non sick child can still continue on. I do not have to drag the poor sick child out of her resting nest. She can stay in what ever comfort she finds and not be interrupted.

Now my five year old and I are going to go on to have our handwriting lesson. Move onto a new reading book. Tackle some new sight words. He will hit his math work book and then wrap it up with a play dough chart!! 

All while in the comfort of our home. Then when everyone is feeling better we can have some extra outside play and out door science lessons. 
I love finding these benefits to home schooling!


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