Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Journal Disney Princesses on Ice

One Magical Evening on Ice!

This weekend Southern Man took us to Disney Princess on Ice. We had all four of our children. Marmie and Aunt La also joined our family adventure.
It was an enchanted evening to say the least. There were tears, singing, clapping, dancing, shaking of the butt, and much cheering!!
Years ago when our teen and pre-teen were young we did not have the advantage to take them to events like this. We had an unexpected blessing through my husbands many hats that he wears.Our blessing also came with unbelievable seats. Just a few rows up from all the action on the ice. 
The fairy dust out of Tinker Bells wand was flying and even the too cool for words teenager was smiling at the end!!
This morning I caught our teen wearing his mouse ears in the kitchen!!
Our 5 year old little man was taken back bye the amazing special affects they used. Our 2 year old was loving he music and dancing in the isle ways. Our pre-teen was excited to say the least and requested another visit very soon!!
Marmie and her sister Aunt La we reliving their own Disney memories from when they help to christened Walt Disney World when it opened, oh so many years ago. 

And Southern Man and I ended the magical evening with a Romantic Kiss!!

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  1. It was one of the most magical nights I ever had and I have had a few but not like this. I will never forget any of it! Thank you both. I have bored my friends silly but secretly - I think they all wish they were with us. xxx