Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adventures with Animals-For the Love of God, Don't drag your leash through your Poopeee!!

For the LOVE of GOD, please DON'T drag your leash through your POOPIE!!

There should be a photo hear, but I think we all know where this is headed and I don't think you actually want to see it!!!

Ok, so my Lady P is still training she has days where she still needs to drag her leather training leash around. All dogs are not PERFECT, just like children.
Is some one feeling a bit guilty???

So as I was saying it was one of those days. Normally before I send this beast out to run free in our currently small back yard, if she is having a leash day I take it off her before she hits freedom. Well, this week Southern Man has also been in a lot of meeting and not had time to pick up the, you know what, in the back yard. (No, I don't clean up DOG POOPIE!!, I clean up child Poopie all day long!)

So here we go. NO, the leash did not make it off before she shot out the back door to freedom. Can't say I blame her I was not home today at all so she had to hang in her kennel, I can see where she need the feeling of shooting out a door way to a big area to run. Well, with the leash NOT coming off, and there were several, you know what piles in the back yard.......I think we all know where this is going..yup you got it...GROSSS!!!
GOD BLESS Colorox ANYWHERE!! Because it works like a charm on her leather leash, it smells touchable again!!
Yes, I did not say it was pretty, but sometimes we just have to go there!!
Lot's of Gross Kisses, Cynthia!!

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