Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Home Schooling-Valentines

YEAH!! It is time for another Holiday!!!

At this time every year I am usually running around my home decorating for Valentines Day. It is actually more then just a day in our home, it is usually about a two week holiday celebration. We have many lovely traditions as a family. However this year I am running around putting together my very first Home School Valentine's kit! This There is not so much pressure this year, because we are home schooling part time. Sense my son has 3 months left of this Christian pre-k program in his pre-school. So we are only home schooling a couple days a week to easy into it.

Here are just a few of the great items I grabbed at the dollar store. Got to love that place.
1. Valentine Pencils(these are a must for my little home schooler, he loves to have a pencil for each season we are in!! Very festive I think of him!!
2. Valentines doilies how can you make valentines with out them?
3. Window and Mirror decals, a must !! Make great decorations!!
4. Valentine Garland to hang over our calendar wall.
5. Valentine's whistles!! We are taking these over to Grandma Mamie's house for a reading date,hehe,!

Of course I did not stop there, I also got valentine cookie cutters to trace and cut out. Then there was the valentine pencil erasers. And Valentines in the box, are great for practicing our hand writing!! And to make a visit to friends with a treat!!

What are you doing in our learning space for Valentines ????


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