Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Journal-My Family, My brother the Captain!

My brother the Captain. He is not, "my captain" Southern Man is "my captain", but my brother is a Captain. I am so very proud of him. He is younger then me and has come so far in his career. Last year I went to his flight school graduation. It was too funny to see him all dressed up in his flight suit.

When we were kids we use to dress up and fly lots of places in our cardboard airplanes. However I NEVER let him drive when we played in our imaginary planes and cars. I guess you could say, in my weird mind I wonder, if that maybe one of the reasons,  I think that is why he loves flying so much now because he finally gets to be in charge:)

When I went to his graduation I got to sit in one of the machines he flies in,I am not going to tell you  which one, because that is life as a military family member:) So there we were sitting in that big powerful machine he flies around and in some imaginary way I was almost waiting for it to take off and he finally gets his turn to fly me around:)

He is a very good Uncle to all my kids. I have to remind him of birthdays and assists him with picking out gifts, but what man does not need help in that area?? The point is he tries. He gives it the old college try. I could not be more proud of him!!

Here we are sledding on our old childhood hill this past Christmas.If you look closely you can see another one of my brothers in the back round who was laughing at Southern Man, his brother in law going down our hill backwards:)

Someday I hope he makes me an Aunt like I made him an Uncle! I am getting older now and I would like the fun of playing with a baby I do not have to wake up with in the middle of the night. For now though he has provided me with his dog "Bullet" , I love my dog nephew. He gives me just the right amount of dog nephew kisses!! All though I have to say, I am NOT allowed to give him gum,urrg. I can not wait to give a niece or nephew gum!!

Ok, so back to my kid(not so Kid anymore) brother!! Like I said, I am just so proud of him:) Love you, BUD!!

Please pray for him he is one of the many wonderful people serving our country and helping other countries to build values and freedoms like the ones we are blessed with in our America.

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  1. Well said although I doubt someone really likes being teased about matrimony anymore than Tris did. lol!

    I am delighted on a regular basis on how far you both have come in your lives and how wonderful you both are. xx