Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Home Schooling-New Items

More new items for our home school room.
Let me see where to begin!! I am just so excited, building our class room has become so much fun!! Of course my little furry Lady P had to hang out in the photo too! Where ever I go she goes!!

1. I grabbed a few coloring books for some fun motivation and also good for practising our fine motor skills!!
2.I picked a few boxes with characters I know my little man is hooked into like Thomas!
3. More play dough, can not have learning with lots of colors of play dough!!
4.Colored Popsicle sticks for crafts, reading guide sticks, pointers and so much more.
5. High Five Magazine, which I love it's by High lights for those younger readers!
6. Window decals for themes, like our money unit,
7. Felt ABC's for our felt board, oh the games we can play with these!! My children are big hands on kiddo's
8. Google eyes
9. Felt sheets
10. more home crafts supplies from recyclable items
11. A large green bouncy ball to use at circle time
12. eraser caps, can not have enough of those!!

There are a few more items I will highlight in another post for another day!! I am telling you this was a small budget and many items came from the dollar store.
There are also many items I can repeat, Sense my kids are only 2 and half years apart, every time I make a lesson I am making 3 sets, so I have one to keep and one to repeat with the younger child. Just a helpful hint. I also take it down a couple of pegs so they are doing the same lesson but just a different learning scale.

What is new in your home school room?

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