Friday, February 25, 2011

My Journal-Southern Man's Smell

(I did not take this photo, however I think it sets the mood quite well..)

Southern Man has this smell to him, it is not always there it only appears at certain times. When it does appear it sends my body into animal reactions. I can not help myself, it makes passion inside me that I can not control. Then he adds his amazing Southern Charm and away I go into another universe where I am no longer the clear and level headed Mommy that governs this home.
I become gitty, fluttering, tiger. A little music, some soft light, close dancing and this amazing aroma that my Southern Man's body exudes and well... Get those children off to bed..

This is a family friendly site so...I think we Mommies know where this is going...

Have you stopped and smelled your man?? You might be surprised!!

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