Monday, September 5, 2011

My Journal

Rock, Paper, Scissor shoot!

Ever have one of those moments as a parent?? Rock, Paper, Scissors shoot!

Yes, I confess my Southern Man and I have those moments. At the end of a very lonnnnnng day when you don't feel like you can get your body back out of bed we play the traditional game of who will get up and tend to our sweet loving babies. 

We of course settle this match with the best two out of three. I always win too. Southern Man still has not figured out that I use the same strategy each time. He will for sure though after he reads this!

Rock, Rock, Paper!! He always uses, Rock, Siccors, Paper. Thinking I will use rock again and paper covers, rock!

He cracks me up!!

I also have to say our sweet little girl thinks we are "one"  Person! It always comes out when she speaks to us or calls for us..."MOMDAD!"

It is just so precious!!

Love you Southern Man!!


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