Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Journal More Blessings from the week

Here I am again!! I just love you guys so much I made some extra time for my blog buddies! 

I want to touch some more on this week unexpected blessings. An abundance of acts of love and kindness I have experienced this week. I truly am in awe of the friendships I have made this past year.

I do not know what I would do with out the love and support of my home school net work. I have a special set of friends that I have a weekly gathering and not only are the children becoming a "pack", so are the Mommies. 

I would like to thank my special gals for blessing me with their friendship this week. It has meant so much to me with the journey we began this past summer, in the official registered home school community. 
This week one of those gals who is very talented blessed our group with an unexpected treasure. 

Her home made head bands. This is just gorgeous! To my talented friend I apologize for not molding it, however I am NOT in model form this evening. 

Thank you again ladies for your friendship and kindness!


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