Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Journal Phat Straps

This week is turning out to be amazing!! And filled with treasures!! I am not going to relieve them all at once.

I started my week out as Mrs. GRUMPY PANTS!! Then the Lord quickly showed me that was NOT how it was going to roll out!! Not all these treasures are material ones some are just acts of love. Which I will also write about at a later date!

Now onto today. When Southern Man went to our mail box this is one of the treasures that he found. He brought it back to "spencer" our truck and proceed to hand the mail to is calm wife. Until I saw this box then I gave him one of my very powerful girlie screeches that he sooo loves and proceed to tare into this package like it was Christmas Morning!!

"And what did my wondering eye appear..." My very first flare for my blog!

It is my brand new camera strap!! From  I ordered it customized with my blog name!

So look for me around with my famous shot:

You will regonize me because I will be staring at you in this pose with my new camera strap on from the back!! 

See you soon!

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  1. Beautiful! That is so exciting and a perfect treasure to get you out of the grumps!