Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Cook Book Southern Man makes dinner

I am truly blessed to be able to say that Southern Man is more then happy to take a turn with dinner. Now in less I request a certain menu, I can be pretty sure what I am going to end up with. However we will get into that part a bit later.

Sense we are still in summer weather. Cooler summer weather which we are loving by the way! He cooked up,"some fine vitals" (the only way he would say it!) on the grill! 

I have to agree with him. It was an outstanding meal and a nice way to end a weekend!
We stopped at a local fresh produce stand on the way home and grabbed some delicious fresh green beans, corn, and potatoes. Then of course my man choose steaks. He will fit them in where ever he can! 

Now here comes the best part. The steaks were just seasoned with salt and pepper. 
We made a delicious dressing for the green beans and steamed them in it. 
It was a half of cup of white wine that we like. 
A half cup of Kraft Greek Salad dressing,
half cup water and some Olive oil. 
And wa, la! Yummy dinner! 

I love my meat and potatoes man!
 What's for dinner on your grill?


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  1. Oh, that sounds fantastic. Not just the dinner but the part about having someone else cook, LOL!

    Thanks for dropping by Happy Hour Projects!
    Following you ~ Adrianne