Monday, August 29, 2011

Creative Corner: Hobbies

Hello Blogging Buddies!!

 Here is one of Southern Man's favorite shots of me. He took this on one of our many adventures together.
 I love to take photos. My family teases me about this, but when they get those amazing scrap books I make jam packed with all the memories they have forgotten about the complaints seem to fade away.

I have to say this is not one of my best poses ever. But it has a truth to it. It is SOO Natural. I am short and don't have much to my waist, which is one of my pet peeves with my body. We all have them. However this photo is a natural way you could find me in a crowd. 

These moments with my children go by so darn fast. Heck the last 10 years of my marriage has flown by. The two young dashing people that got engaged 10 years ago now have old people bodies. I laugh when I get a glimpse of the Southern Man and I 10 years ago.

Ok, small detour on the road trip I have taken you on. The truth is I could not find more happiness in this side of my creativeness. The moments I have captured with my photo taking creativity is truly one of the very best gifts I have ever given myself. 

I am contemplating a new camera.

Any one care to way in on this camera? I have always been a cannon girl myself. However I would love to try one of these babies out!! 

Blog Buddies, please give a review .................

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  1. I too am a Canon girl, so I'm not much help here. I have a Canon Rebel xTi that I love. A friend of mine loves the set up of the buttons and display options on the Nikons, which to be honest I never even thought of. He says it fits his fingers/hands better. Just a thought when contemplating switching brands...give the Nikon a test drive with that in mind!