Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Cook Book Snack Bag to go!

I hate to say it but this summer we ate a lot of  food that was NOT from our home! Not good budget choices. Living in a rural area there are not many healthy choices to choose from. If we are on the go we choose:

1. Chick fil a with fruit cups instead of fries. Water instead of soda.
2. Chipotle love that place!

3.Panera Bread

So needles to say Southern Man and I are not in the mood to see any of those places for a long time! So where does that leave us with, soccer and dance season in full throttle?  

Well here...

We have started carrying around this healthy snack bag. Here is what we had on the go this past weekend. 

I filled this bag up Friday morning with enough to get us through the entire weekend of running around and we did great!! It was ready on demand and everyone was in a better mood too!! 

I bought this bag at:

It is so great. It also came with the lunch boxes which we use all the time! 

What would you fill your snack bag up with????


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  1. Hey Cynthia! So glad you're enjoying my EasyLunchboxes so much! Thanks for sharing them with your readers :)