Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Home School Pot Luck Dinners

I have always enjoyed hosting events in my home. It gives me a chance to try out new entertaining ideas. 
I love the "pot luck" style. That is where everyone brings a dish. A dessert, side dish, main course, a treat. Some times you can end up with a ton of left overs and everyone can end up with a meal and not have to cook the next day. Then there are those sweet nights when you have lots of desserts makes an appearance and my sweet tooth loves those evenings!

For this season in my life I thought starting a home school pot luck dinner to share resources and good books would be a wonderful idea.
This week I kicked off my groups Home School Pot Luck Dinners. 
These special ladies and I shared good food.Good conversation and great resources for home schooling. 
Tonight I learned about making lap-books. I loved them. I can not wait to get started on one with my children!
If you know of a good lap-books website please share it with me!



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