Monday, January 23, 2012

My Journal My Travels to Pete's New Haven Style pizza

If you are apart of my family growing up pizza was it's own food group!
My very first job out side of baby sitting was working for the famous Restaurant Rossini's Pizza in Cheshire,Ct. 
They were the real deal when it came to Italian food. They still are and still yummy!

I lived for my night I worked there! At the end of my shift the owner Ralphie would always send me home with a pie all my own with what ever I wanted on it! 
When I became gluten intolerant 1o years ago, I had the shock that I would no longer be able to eat at my Rosinni's any longer.
Now, I have found an answer to my search!
 They have gluten free pizza! 
It was delicious! 
What an amazing! 

Artichokes, pepperoni and onions, just the way I love it!
Southern Man ordered 4 more of these to take home for me! I wrapped them slice by slice and froze them. I had them for great quick meals. It last me almost 2 weeks! Yes I ate for 2 out of me 3 meals a day! I had not had pizza like this in 10 years! I could not help myself!!

 See our family style cozy booth! What a great time we had there! Good food, good music, great service!
This resturant was amazing! Even the soda was healthy!
Corn Syrup free!!
Pete's prides themselves on great service and healthy choices!

There were a ton of cute shops to explore and the neighborhood was friendly and clean!

This was a great family day adventure!


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