Sunday, January 8, 2012

Home Schooling Book Review Sunday:Storytime Yoga, by Sydeny Solis

I am always trying to find physical activities in our home that will promote a healthy body image for my children. Yes, my children are young athletes we play soccer,swim and hit the park circuit around our small county. 
However when it is not soccer season and the winter weather sets in we need a release. Even on a rainy summer day we need to have a way to release energy. 
I studied Yoga in college and loved it. I felt so centered and calm. I used it during my pregnancies to relax as well. 
I even have Southern Man doing Yoga these days  too! 
I have wanted to find a way to entice my children more with the practice of Yoga. Well, I have finally found a great tool to help me.

Storytime Yoga, by Sydeny Solis
I grabbed this book on one of my many voyages to Barns and Nobel. 
I have made a real connection with Sydeny Solis writing. She writes as a women,mother and teacher. All three of the roles I fill as well. 
She has so much creative energy coming from this book. I had to stop several times to write down my thoughts. 
This is a great teaching tool!
We are in the process of making our families alter for our focal point during our Yoga sessions.
I have also included her website and Facebook page so you can check her out. I have been able to hunt down her book on Amazon, if you are a addicted amazon shopper like I am.

I hope you will invite this book into your home. Even if you are not a home schooling family this would be a great asset to any family!
I would love to hear your feed back write to me.

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