Friday, January 13, 2012

Home School Winter is in full bloom!

Winter is in full bloom at my house, literally. The grass is the greenest it has ever been in my back yard and full too! Southern Man is headed out that way to cut the grass this weekend, CRAZY! Last year we had several inches of snow back there and could only imagine grass. 
Well my children and I are making the best of it! My 3 year old cracks up every day when she has to switch back and forth between turtle necks and t-shirts. Lucky for her she is a silly girl and loves to change her clothes and style at least twice a day! 

Well, our class room is covered in snow flakes(paper ones), Valentine Hearts, History of Dr. Martin Luther King and a preview of Dr. Seuss. 
Here is our art wall, with the only snowmen we have seen this season! However they are a fun craft to make!

Our theme tree is covered in winter hopes!

Our reading center is full of winter stories! 

And we are starting our morning off with warm winter breakfast, to keep our faith snow will come!

I hope our winter season decor and themes help you get your winter season in full bloom!
share with us what's going on in your class room. I love new ideas!


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