Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Journal My Daughter's Song!

The other day, my little girl and I were waiting around for her Daddy(Southern Man) to arrive home and kill those few minutes before we sat down to dinner. She was so ancy for dinner. So I decide to seize the moment and write her a song to occupy her mind.

There we were two silly girls, singing along to the words we were coming up with to make her song. We were having so much fun.
Yesterday on a trip to the dentist, I heard her sweet voice coming from the back seat of my suv singing her sweet song. She was so proud! I started singing along with her.
We had a dear friend traveling with us and she was so tickled to hear the song we had come up with.
We are having our quite time after lunch right now. I sat down to write to all of you and what did I hear coming from her room, but the sweet song she had made for me....
"Mom, Mom, I love you Mom!"I love, I love, I love you all the time. Mom, Mom I lovvvvvve you!, Oh Mom, I love you".
I am sooo holding back the tears right now! Her sweet amazing voice just made my heart grow twice in size!

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