Monday, October 10, 2011

My Cook Book

Friends and Fellow Chefs!
You will find many times that my cook book may be quite different then yours. I hope some day to live in a world where it won't be a small percentage of the world.
I am a gluten-free Chef. 
I try to live my life every day gluten free. At times this is hard and I slip. Which causes great wear on my body.
I am trying to re-create dishes to fit my needs and not loose all the taste! 
So far I can knock it out of the ball park with my baked goods!
I am also on a quest to find amazing gluten free places to dine! 
That part of my blog to come later!
So try my recipes, they can always be substituted back to a gluten world. 
Give it a try you might be surprised and love what you find! 
In the great words of Julia Child, 
Bone Appetite! 

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