Saturday, October 29, 2011

Home Schooling Book Reviews Places I Love to Buy Books

Did some say shopping? 
Well if I heard you correctly, I am your girl! Come with me friend on a journey where we will dig for buried treasure at the right price!
This treasure is the best kind because it never stops giving! 
These are my favorite places to buy books!
1. Your local libraries seconds area. (you can usually find this in the front, if not ask you library counter friend.) We find books at our local library for less then a $1!
2. Amazon! Love to buy used books!! I have had great luck here!

3. Yard/Garage sales! Each one of my children has asked me when I took them to their first yard/garage sale experience if they are actually selling their garage? And how would we get it home if we bought it? That question never gets old! They are now recognizing home schooling parents as teachers and giving discount privileges.
5. Barns and Noble
They have great sale deals. I am a member and find it is well worth the cost to be one. Every year and make back what I spend to belong and then times 4 at least!
6.Christian Books.Com Another great place. For home school materials as well!

Happy Treasure Hunting! 
Please share with us if you know of some hidden places to find treasure as well!

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