Monday, October 31, 2011

My Cook Book Favorite Cooking Tools! Part 1

I have to posses my favorite cooking tools when I am in deep cooking mode! Yes I am a can "make do" and "go with the flow girl". However, my life is a roller coaster and these simple tools make it better! 

 The Rachel Ray Garbage Bowl. I know right, it's around $20 at Target and that is where the photo is from, however if you shop around you can find a deal!
I am telling you though, it comes in handy!

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 I am not sure if this is the actual bowl, however I have a bowl that looks like this and you could fit a small child inside. I once made a triple meat loaf recipe in there! It was crazy Love it!! Bought it at Target for around $20

 Pyrex 4cup, 2 cup and 1 cup glass measuring cups.
LOVE these guys!! I have used them for so many different jobs!! I have all 3 sizes I listed and could not live with out them!! Shop around you can find them any where! This one is from amazon, the link is below.

 These are the William and Sonoma mixing bowl set. Now mine are all red. I love these guys! They are sturdy!! They pour to perfection!! I never make a spill even with a kitchen stampede of animals and children! Around $40 I got mine at their out let for a bit less. bought 2 sets!

 Measuring cups and spoons.  Another William and Sonoma find!I know, I know all these brand names, however I am telling you these guys can take a beating!! They have survived 2 toddlers and several years of baking and still look great!!

This little guy can get any delicate baked good in one piece off the tray! I am telling you this tool can take a beating too and keep on cooking!

These spatulas can survive Southern Mans harsh cleaning methods and still look amazing! They Also are so smooth with their movements and have had amazing luck with them!

Another can not live with out! My Mom got me this for Christmas a few years ago, I thought why when I have the stand mixer. However I now, know why! SO MANY USES!! SO HANDY!

And I can not live with out it's Big Mama! This was a wedding gift from my Mother and Nanny. It started Southern Man's and my's kitchen and have been a staple ever sense!

I always say, the more you have of these babies the better!


Ok, well this is enough for now. Part 2 to come soon! It is amazing! I have been rejoicing in the fact that my marriage is about to hit the 10 year mark and I love the life and home we have built. It just blows me away what treasure I have been blessed with! Southern Man, our children and an amazing place to cook!

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