Saturday, October 29, 2011

Home Schooling

Home Schooling
This was a very personal choice for my family. Our road to making this decision started when my first born son was 1 years old and I went to hear a speaker who was a home schooling parent. 
I had always pictured myself teaching inside the school my children would attend some day. I just never put the pieces together that I could be the one teaching them. 
That speaker helped God's plan for my family reveal it's self that day.
When I went home that evening and shared with my husband what I had experienced and what God had placed on my heart, I expected to see Southern Man look at me funny. However he didn't.
He thought it was an amazing idea. And wondered why I had not come to him sooner. From there over the next few years we exposed ourselves more to the home schooling community. Attended a few conferences and let God lead us down this amazing path.
All roads led us here and we are so thankful!

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