Monday, October 10, 2011

Home Schooling Craft Projects

This is the place we get messy! 
I love to craft! Especially with my children! 
I grew up surrounded by women who were very talented in many ways! Sewing, crafting,painting,sculpting and so much more!
As home scholars this is one of the ways we love to release our creative energy!

Here is a quick list of great items to have in your home on hand to craft! 
  1. tacky glue
  2. scissors,(fabric,child size, adult size)
  3. Elmers glue
  4. Elmers glue sticks
  5. Scotch tape
  6. masking tape
  7. duck tape
  8. frog painters tape
  9. multi color construction paper
  10. oak tag
  11. pipe cleaners
  12. goggle eyes
  13. brown lunch sacks
  14. white paper plates
  15. water color paint
  16. white coffee filters
  17. brushes and sponge brushes
  18. pipe cleaners
  19. egg cartons
  20. tissue boxes
  21. tissue paper
  22. crayons, markers,colored pencils
  23. streamers
  24. washable paints
  25. wax paper
Most of these items I have collected at my local Dollar Tree, Michaels, Walmart and Target. I love to hit the back to school time each year and stock up. Also all of these stores have a $1 section and nine times out of ten I find them there.

Happy Crafting! 

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