Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Home Schooling: Earth Quakes and Shakes!

Hello Friends!

Today my children were in the back yard creating great art with their dot painters soaking up the sunshine. While I was just a few feet away in the home school room preping the afternoon lesson. 

When my legs started to shake and the cabinet's around me. I thought, hmm this sinus headache is bigger then I thought. Until I looked outside and saw my children looking in side for me yelling," the earth is shaking Mommy, so we must be making shaking art!!"

Love how they can find the joy in everything. Turns out we actually had our first earth quake. Never thought I would live through one. 

However here we are hours later waiting for the aftershock experience to come.

I think any home schooling parent can relate in saying I get a small rush when a life lessons turns into an amazing home school, lesson or even unit!!

Well here I am now writing our earth quake unit we will start tomorrow. 

I wanted to share this great website I came across. 


Here is the direct link to the children section


Not only now am I excited to teach this lesson to my children, however now I need to educate myself more on earth quake preparedness. 

My friends on the West Coast are not the only ones in my life now having fun with earth quakes!! 

Here is one more I just found as well.


Happy Learning !!


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