Monday, August 15, 2011

Creative Corner: Unexpected Treasures!

Unexpected treasures have been in my path a lot lately. A few weeks ago I snuck out to our local, Marshalls or as my family calls it,"MARRRSHALLS!"   I am always go in there with an open mind and just see what jumps out at me that will spike some creativity. So with this noted I do not make these quick trips, sometimes they can turn into a solid hour of creativity. 

So what did my wondering eye come a upon. This amazing warm colored milk picture. Which was food friendly! I turned it into vase!  Now resting on my farm house coffee table.

Doesn't it just scream FALL!! I love, love,love it!! I am so tickled we are just weeks away from this amazing season!! 

The carnations which have a wonderful smell to them I got at my local Giant. I think they have the best flowers! Out side the local flower market in my home town in OHIO!! GOOO BUCKS!

Well the creativity did not stop there! 

Last night I was at Target doing my every week house hold goods shopping and what did my eye spy this time??

This over sized canning jar. Oh, how the ideas started running into my mind almost as fast a waterfall on a rainy day! Well I think you know what my first idea was....

Another great floral find at Giant. I just love how tall it stands. Even Southern Man complemented me. He is a wonderful floral giver, just not one who notices. I think because we have been married so long and I have always filled our home with flowers he has grown a custom to them all over. 

I hope I have inspired your eyes to be on the look out for unexpected treasures! 

Happy hunting!

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