Monday, November 21, 2011

My Journal

Happy Thanksgiving 
from our home 
to yours!!

Coloring pages make great place mats! 
Here's a link!

I always set these as place mats for my children with a fresh box of crayons. So when they are done eating the holiday meal they can still sit with us and enjoy their family!

A few tips for smoother timing!
1.Monday,buy your flowers today and make your arrangements

2.Monday, do all your cleaning and check your napkin count and place settings

3. Tuesday, do all your food shopping that is left for last minute
4. Wednesday, do all your baking. Prep what ever you can for the next day. Lay out all the special outfits for your family for the big day!

5.Wednesday evening, Set your table, Paint your nails and watch a relaxing movie, with your hubby!
6. Thursday, TURKEY DAY, watch the Macy's day parade! Enjoy the day and don't stress. You want to look back and remember smiles, not tears!! 

Many Blessing from our home to yours!

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