Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Journal Holiday Shopping Tips

Hello Friends!
I can not believe I am in the mitts of preparing my home for Thanksgiving next week and my son's sixth birthday. 
This year has just flown bye!!
I think I am a rare shopper, however I never stop or start my Holiday shopping. I have never felt the stress of holiday shopping, because I shop all year long for this time of year.
I am blessed to have a very large family!! Aside from my core unit as a wife and mother. I come from 3 brothers and two step siblings I am very close too. Not to mention my massive amounts of cousins who are more like my siblings then cousins. 

So I am in constant preparation, I don't wrap gifts until November first. As soon as the Hallmark wrapping paper appears for the holidays!

That is my first shopping tip!
1. Hallmark wrapping paper is buy one get for for $.99! You read that right!  It is the sturdiest paper I have ever found, because poor Southern Man, bless his heart has dropped a few gifts in his day when loading up our SUV for holiday visit. And you NEVER can tell when it happens, great paper!
2. When you shop, check out the clearance and sale selections first! You will be shocked what you can find there!! I love landsend, overstock section, LLbean, free shipping and their sales too!! 
3. Sign up for emails, I have gotten a ton of coupon codes and free shipping offers!
4. Make your self a coupon bag out of a clear plastic bag to stick in your purse or keep in your vehicle and be disciplined about keeping them there, you would be surprised how much you can save!  
5. Your gift boxes are usually given away for free at department stores with your purchase, make sure you ask. If not shop at the dollar store for them! 
6. When you are online shopping make sure your email address is not the same for order confirmations that it is for your account information to your credit cards you are using to shop with. Always print out your order confirmation to keep as proof and for returns! 
6. Watch the flyers for sales!
Happy Shopping!! Be safe! Online shopping is always the best!!


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