Monday, November 7, 2011

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Fall Window Project

My kido's loved this one! And it was very easy to adjust to skill level. Sense I am working with first year pre-school and a Kindergarten(who really is on a first grade level) 

List of Materials
  1. Tacky Glue(LOVE THIS STUFF)
  2. construction paper brown
  3. pen or pencil
  4. silk leaves
  5. felt peal back stick leaves
  6. scissors
  7. oak tag that is average construction paper size or cut to fit
  8. last however not least, patients!

First draw 4 rectangles like windows
Then cut them out only on the construction paper part, not the oak tag!

Next glue the construction paper to the oak tag

Now glue on your silk leaves and place on your pre sticky felt leaves


This one is on our Art Wall on display. My kido's love to display their art work! You might want to consider adding an Art Wall in your home school room!


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